The Golden Trout Workshops Gallery

by Paul Roark

Golden Trout Camp

Golden Trout High Sierra Workshops

The Golden Trout Natural History Workshop, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization [501(c)(3)] that, each Summer, conducts three, one week long workshops at the historic Golden Trout Camp. The workshops include three one-week sessions that are oriented toward different aspects of natural history.

I regularly work with the Golden Trout ("GT") workshop organization as a volunteer to help arrange the workshops. This web page has some of the photos I've taken while participating at these workshops, as well as some information about the camp for those who might be interested in participating with or supporting the GT organization.

The Camp is located in the Golden Trout Wilderness, from which it gets its name. (These are not fishing workshops, although some do enjoy that activity at the camp and nearby lakes.) The Camp is situated at the southern border of the John Muir Wilderness in California's Sierra Nevada range, and most of the hikes are in that Wilderness area. Lone Pine, California is the closest town. From Lone Pine, one drives up the Horseshoe Meadow road and then hikes 3 easy miles to the camp, which is at an elevation of 10,000 feet. This is a wilderness camp. You won't have to turn your cell phones off to avoid the outside world from disturbing your wilderness experience. (There is no reception at camp, though the first or second day we usually hike to an Owens Valley overlook that does have reception.)

For a small map of the area, click here. The hike in is highlighted in yellow, and the map scale is 1 inch = 1 mile. For those who want to see what I typically take in, see my pack list.

These workshops provide access to the High Sierra wilderness with significantly more comfort than backpacking provides. Sharing this experience with like-minded people who also have common interests in the workshop subjects, provides for a very enjoyable and stimulating week. At a price of only $525, this is a bargain.

The photographs below were taken in and around the Golden Trout Camp. While I print only B&W professionally, I also take color snapshots, a few of which are also shown.

Daily activities at the workshops include hikes to destinations that are usually 1 to 4 miles from camp. These locations provide a wide selection of natural beauty. All activities are, of course, optional. Some prefer to quietly enjoy the wilderness by spending time by Cottonwood Creek, which flows through the camp.

For the Golden Tout Camp Workshops web page, click here, or, for e-mail inquiries, click here.

For a PDF version of the 2011 Brochure and registration form, click here.

To see larger versions of the photos shown in this index, click on the small thumbnail images.

The Big Dipper

Lakes 4 & 5

Sunrise at Lake 5

Foxtail Pines & Cirque Peak

Weather above GTC

High Lake

New Army Pass

South slope of Cirque Peak

Foxtail Pines at Windy Gap

Dawn, Golden Trout Camp

East Face, Mt. Langley

Cottonwood Basin Flora

Lake 5.9, Cottonwood Lakes Basin

Sunset at Golden Trout Camp

Foxtail and Clouds, Cottonwood Lakes Basin

Lichens on Wooly Back

Roy Harrington and Greg Byers set up during the 2006 photo workshop.

A 2010 photo workshop participant sets up to take a digital panorama of the Cottonwood basin from above camp.

If you have any questions about the workshops or want a brochure for camp information and registration, please contact me -- Paul Roark.

For those who like black and white photography, please visit my Black and White Gallery.
Much of the photography I've done is in the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness areas,
but other favorite areas of the western U.S. are also represented.

Hope to see you at one of our workshops this summer.

Paul Roark