R220 UT-R2 ICCs

Downloading Instructions

To download these ICCs:

1. RIGHT Click on the name of the ICC,

2. Click "Save Target As ...."

Your browser will probably show the file as an "*.htm" file.

3. CHANGE THE FILE EXTENSION to “*.icc” by manually deleting the "htm" and typing in "icc."

4. In the "Save as type" box (below the file name) change to "All Files" by hitting the down arrow at the right.

5. Save the ICC to the Desktop as a first step by pressing the "Desktop" button on the left and then the "Save" button. 6. A "Download Complete" box may open. Close this.

How to put the ICC in the correct folder -- Windows XP

ICCs are put in the following Windows folder: c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\color\

I recommend you highlight and copy this c:\ ... \color path and make a folder shortcut on your desktop that allows you to simply drag the ICCs to the shortcut to put it into the correct folder location. This is the procedure to make such a folder shortcut.

1. Right click on the Desktop (anywhere on your computer monitor where no icon appears and when no program is running there.

2. On the menu that appears, highlight "New."

3. On the new menu that appears, click on "Shortcut."

4. In the space where it asks you to type in the location, copy & paste, or type in the full path:


5. Click on the Next button. "Color" should appear in the box. You might want to also add "ICCs" to this name so that it reads, "Color (ICCs)."

6. Press "Finish" and a folder icon should appear on your Desktop. This is a shortcut to the proper folder.

7. Simply drag the ICC icon that has been saved to the Desktop over to the Color (ICCs) shortcut folder icon. The ICC icon should be transfered to the proper folder.

(Note that if Photoshop Elements has already been opened, it will not "see" the new ICCs until the Color Settings box (Edit>Color settings) is opened and closed.)

Location of ICCs in different OSs

Mac OS 9.x: Systems Folder/ColorSync Profiles

Mac OS X: User Library/ColorSync/Profiles

Windows 98/ME: \Windows\System\Color

Windows NT/2000 or XP upgrade from NT/2000: \Winnt\system32\spool\drivers\color

ICCs for Matte Paper with Eboni black ink installed:

Epson Enhanced Matte (& "Archival Matte" -- It's acidic and not archival):


Hahnemuhle Photo Rag & PermaJet Portrait Classic:



PremierArt Fine Art Hot Press


Innova Smooth Cotton:


ICCs for Glossy Papers when Photo Black ink is installed:

Kirkland Signature Pro Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper:


Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper ("PGPP"):


Epson Premium Semigloss:


Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl:



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