The version of this file that you can download has layers that can be dragged to an RGB version of a working file to preview the tones that the printer will make with the indicated curve or curves layer applied. The curves that are applied for printing are different from the curves that preview the tone. Be sure not to print the file in a UT ink system with the Preview curves layer.

The curves for the UT7 and perhaps other UT inksets will be placed on similar small files so that they can be applied simply by dragging the curves layer for the tone desired. With this workflow, Photoshop Elements becomes a practical image editor for the UT inksets.

To dowload the Tones-preview-layers.psd file, RIGHT click here.

Then click "Save Target As ...." However, if your browser shows the file name as an *.htm file, change the extension to *.psd and change the file type to "All Files." This file can be saved in any folder that is easy to get to for opening as an image file.