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"Base of Cirque"

This image shows the view from the base of Cirque Peak,
looking toward the top of the cirque that New Army Pass goes over,
just to the right of this photo's view.

Golden Trout Workshops

It's time to register for this year's Golden Trout Camp and workshops. See These High Sierra workshops are the easiest way to get to and learn about the High Sierra environment. At $525 for a full week, room and board included, you can't beat the value.

New Photos & Prints by Area

Italy, May 2014
Chicago, May 2013
Ansel Adams Wilderness, August 2012
Yosemite National Park
Santa Ynez Valley Skies
Paris & Boston, September 2011
Golden Trout Workshops & Cottonwood Lakes Basin
Olympic Peninsula
Impressions of NYC is a small collection of some shots I took as a tourist in New York City in July 2010.
Los Angeles -- Walt Disney Concert Hall & LACMA
Owens Valley
Hubble-Monocerotis-Dunes print. As one who has long been fascinated with exploring our universe through optics, it was an honor to meet the founder of the optical company that built the Hubble space telescope; by chance he was a friend of the family. Follow the link to the left for more information.

Index of Other Photos

For the Index and Thumbnails of the other photos in my internet gallery click here.

If you are interested in copies of any images on the web site, please contact me. My internet prices are the same as those through Gallery Los Olivos; so you can also order through them and use a credit card as opposed to the PayPal that I use.

Note on Limited Editions: For information on open and limited editions, click here.

September 2013 Featured Artist Show at Gallery Los Olivos

This last September I was the Gallery Los Olivos "Featured Artist." This show, "Landscapes and Cityscapes," occupied the front room of the gallery for that month. For more information on the exhibit, click here.

A Catalog of the images on display (in a smart-phone friendly format) is here.

Black & White Print and Printing Information

For technical information on printing, please go to

In general, photographic prints are available in a number of sizes from 8x10 to 22x28 inches, as well as panoramics that can be 22" x (very long). I can sell direct, but for most sales using credit cards or where the buyer is in California, I prefer to sell through Gallery Los Olivos (see below).

I work in two somewhat distinct media, both of which I have pioneered. First, the most archival fine art is what I call "carbon on cotton." This is a print where the image is composed of predominantly (for example 85%) if not 100% carbon pigments, which are printed onto cotton based papers. Carbon pigments are by far the most lightfast and stable image forming substance that is compatible with modern printing approaches. Where less than 100% carbon is used, the best neutralized carbon plus color pigments (from Hewlett Packard) are used. Among papers, Arches Hot Press, un-coated watercolor paper is the top choice that I recommend for collectors. Carbon on Arches may be the only photographic medium that will still look good centuries from now. This medium requires custom pigments and printing procedures that take it beyond what any commercial printing solution can achieve. Very few people bother with this, which is part of its attraction to me and should be to collectors also.

Second, an advanced B&W dye inkset based on Epson Claria and Noritsu inks simply makes the most dramatic B&W images I have yet seen. While this technology is good for most print uses, I do not recommend it for very long term display or collectors who want a medium that will keep for centuries. In terms of lightfastness, the Epson advanced dyes that are used in this inks have done better than some pigment systems, but they are not in the same league with carbon.

Note on Limited Editions:

Unless otherwise stated, prints are sold on an open edition basis. I make one print at a time, as needed. It is important that images and print technologies be allowed to evolve. Thus freezing an image or technology does not work for my type of photography. Note that Ansel Adams sold open edition prints -- massive numbers, often printed by assistants. His most famous images improved as he refined his printing techniques and as materials improved.

Overall limit on carbon on Arches prints: The primary exception to my open edition print policy relates to those made with carbon pigments on Arches uncoated watercolor paper (not inkjet paper). These establish a benchmark of archival imaging and are a rather unique printing technology. Due to this uniqueness and its stature as the top archival medium, I have imposed a lifetime limit on all such images. I will never produce more than one full sheet carbon on Arches print per week. This encompasses all of my current and future images, and it is a cumulative limit. I believe this balances the need to keep images evolving with the benefits of guaranteeing that these top collectible prints will never be produced in large volumes.

Articles about My Photography

The January 2010 issue of Rangefinder magazine has an interview with me and some of my photos. To check it out on line, click here.

The October, 2010 issue of "Cowboys & Indians" magazine also has a short article about me. See it here.

The first of my 100% carbon inksets, sold by MIS Associates, is written up in Shutterbug magazine. The article is on line here. My carbon printing information page is here

I use several Red River Paper products and beta test some of their papers. They have a short blurb about my work here.

The December 2013 "Shutterbug" magazine, in the Digital Help column regarding inks suggested, "visiting a black-and-white expert's website,"

Gallery Los Olivos

I have a permanent display at Gallery Los Olivos, in Los Olivos, California. I am generally at the gallery from 10 - 5, the fourth Thursday of each month. This year in January and May I'll be there the 5th Thursday, and in November and December, I'll be there the 3rd Thursday. Please feel free to stop by the Gallery on one of these days or any other time.

For information on Gallery Los Olivos, click here.

Elverhoj Museum Photo Restoration Project

As part of Solvang California's centennial celebration, the Elverhoj Museun in Solvang displayed numerous historic images that have been contributed by local residents, and digitally restored and printed by me. While the gallery show at the Elverhoj is no longer up, some of the images remain in the permanent displays at the Elverhoj Museum. Additionally, Montecito Bank and Trust at Alamo Pintado and 246 has a good display of some of my favorites. For information about the Elverhoj museum and for a book of the old photos, click here. For a PDF that briefly explains some of the procedures I used to restore the old photos, click here.


If you have any comments or questions, or are interested in copies of any of my images, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my humble website.

Paul Roark
Solvang, CA, USA

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