Paul Roark
Black and White Photography

Gallery Los Olivos' September 2013 Featured Show:

"Landscapes and Cityscapes"

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Sunrise at Thousand Island Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Paris from the towers of Notre Dame

"Count...Paul Roark as among the inspired landscape shooters,"
writes the Santa Barbara News-Press.


Thank you to those who visited Gallery Los Olivos in September to see Paul's latest B&W photographs and print technologies.

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The catalog and the pages it links to will be left on the web permanently.
Prints are available through Gallery Los Olivos.

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Paul has become internationally known not only for the artistic merit of his photography, but also for the black and white digital printing processes he has pioneered. He is both a photographer and master printer. In this exhibit he showcases a selection of his images on his newest B&W medium -- B&W dyes on metallic paper -- while also having some of his most archival carbon pigment prints on display, including an edition-of-one version of "Paris from the Towers of Notre Dame," image size 20 by 44 inches, printed on Arches watercolor paper, matted and framed to 30 by 53" [SOLD].

In general, the advanced dye technology makes the most dramatic, sharpest looking prints, with the highest dynamic range. They are displayed un-glazed to make the images the most accessible. Having a framer put the images behind glass would, of course, help protect the images and extend their useful life.

The carbon pigment prints make the most lightfast and archival prints. Mounted and matted behind acrylic, these museum quality prints will make fine art displays for a very long time. Arches watercolor paper is probably the most archival, being un-coated and having a long history in the art markets. While not amenable to standard printing methods, Paul's carbon pigment process/workflow does an excellent job.

The dyes and carbon pigments are distinct media, each of which sets a benchmark for performance in its media category. Paul's art is not just the image but also the print. And there are different media for different markets, purposes, and tastes.

Updating the B&W tradition that the "negative" -- now, raw image file -- is the score and the print is the performance, Paul integrates the latest digital printing technologies with the traditions of the western landscape school of B&W photography.

For more information on these print media options and notes of editions, click here.

All images can be made to order, through Gallery Los Olivos, either with dyes on high gloss, metallic paper or carbon pigments on cotton/rag paper.

Note on Editions: All prints are made one at a time by Paul Roark. Unless otherwise stated in connection with a specific print, there are no "limited editions." At the September 2013 exhibit, the large, carbon pigment print of "Paris from the Towers of Notre Dame" was the only limited edition print being offered. All prints are signed by Paul, although this may be on back if no appropriate surface is available on the front of the print.