“Landscapes and Cityscapes,”


Black and White Photography



Paul Roark


at Gallery Los Olivos


September 2013


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A.        Landscapes


1.        Ansel Adams Wilderness


“Sunrise at Thousand Island Lake”




“Sun and Clouds over Lake Ediza”





“Rainbow Falls”                      



2.        John Muir Wilderness


“Cottonwood Lakes 4 & 5” 




“Snag and Cirque Peak”      


"Weather above Golden Trout Camp"





“Granite Park”         








3.        Golden Trout Wilderness

“The Big Dipper”




4.        Yosemite National Park


“Spring Snow, Ahwahnee Hotel”         






“Clearing Storm, December 1997”




“Badger Pass, December 1997”                







“Backlit Trees”                                                        






5.        Other National Parks and Scenic Areas


“Zion Narrows”                                                                                                           




“The Grand Teton”







“Shoreline, Crescent Lake”









“Falls Creek”








“Jumbo Rocks”                                






“Sunburst, Santa Ynez Valley”          



“Valley Oaks”










“Fishing Boat, Ninilchick, Alaska”   



“Cambria Surf”  







B.        Cityscapes

            1.        New York City


“The Flatiron”  


2.        Los Angeles                                    


“Disney Concert Hall #1”                                        



“Disney #2”                







3.        Chicago

“The Chicago River”




“Twilight in the Loop”





4.        Paris

“Paris, from the Tower of Notre Dame”                               





 “Left Bank from Alexandre III”                            





“St. Chapelle”                







“Evening at the Eiffel Tower”