"Sunrise at Thousand Island Lake"
by Paul Roark

Thousand Island Lake is one of the popular destinations for backpackers in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. This wilderness area is in California's Sierra Nevada range. Mount Banner, on the left, is the subject of many photographs.

I was honored to be there one morning when the moon, at about 98% full, was nicely situated above the ridge, and wispy clouds adorned the sky. Experiencing sunrise at High Sierra alpine lakes, with their mirror-smooth early morning surfaces and reflections, makes the work it takes to get there well worth the effort. This photograph was taken on a backpack trip, in August of 2012, that was planned by Roy Harrington, whose QuadToneRIP printing utility software is what I use to control my printers and inksets.

Increasingly my photographs are very high resolution images. The 9,000+ pixel width of this image, in itself, does not say much. What counts more is the quality of the pixels and the ability of the workflow and print to transfer high definition information to the viewer. I now mostly use a Leica M9, which uses a Kodak CCD with no diffusion filter. There are many good optics for the Leica mount. I most often use the sharp-to-the-edge Zeiss Biogon 35mm f/2.8. The combination of Leica body and Zeiss Biogon lens allows me to capture very high quality pixels. When multiple images of the scene are captured and combined in processing, an immense amount of image detail and dynamic range can be captured, processed, and printed.

The use of the new B&W dyes on metallic paper, as displayed in the front room Gallery Los Olivos September 2013 exhibit, also result in a unique apparent sharpness. People commonly describe the final print effect as "three dimensional."

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