"Sun and Clouds over Lake Ediza"
by Paul Roark

Lake Ediza, which is in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, has the Minarets, Mt. Ritter and Mt. Banner as backdrops. The High Sierras often have afternoon clouds and thunder showers, and on the day I as at Ediza, the show was unusually good.

This 8,600 by 11,000 pixel image was composed of multiple frames. Two rows of images were taken at different exposures and combined separately. Additionally, the sun was exposed separately. Contemporary photographic tools allow one to assemble these complex, multi-frame images, but getting it right is not easy.

For the September 2013 Gallery Los Olivos show, the image was printed as a triptych so that I could display the information at a scale that exceeds what I can print on a single piece of paper.

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