"Disney Concert Hall #1"
by Paul Roark

Having lived in the Los Angeles metropolitan area until age 49, photographing the area was not something that was a significant priority. Even though I lived in a classic LA view home for most of my first career (the "day job"), the photography I liked the most involved going to a different environment.

Now, going back to LA and visually exploring it with a different point of view is most enjoyable. In 2009 we went to LA to hear a pipe organ concert at the Disney Hall. My hat is off to the Disney family, Mr. Gehry and others who bring us beauty and enjoyment. (The pipe organ is also notable; I've been a fan since playing a mid-century Hammond organ as a young person.)

I often call this image "Disney #1" because it is the first frame I took of the building, and also one of the first full frame digital images I took that was not a test shot. This image was with a Canon 5D2, 35mm lens.

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